Learner Drivers

Over 20 years teaching learner drivers

We provide professional and proactive driving instruction for learner drivers at all levels. We have experience with all types from first timers through to seasoned drivers who need a refresher course. With our fleet of current model, dual controlled vehicles, you’re in the safest possible hands in an environment that will put your nerves at ease.

Tailored Skills and Expertise

Our lessons are tailored to your needs and we have the expertise to help draw out your strengths and build skills and knowledge in areas that need improving. Classes focus on skills including:

Start at the beginning

If you’re brand new to the road, we can help you get the right skills in place to be a safe and effective driver on the roads.

Practice RMS Driving Tests

If you’re nearly ready to do your driving test come do a practice run with us. We can give you feedback and help you work on areas that need improving.

Experience more driving conditions

If you’re ready to try driving beyond quiet suburban streets we can help. Open road, multi lane and highway driving lessons help build confidence and safer driving skills.

Hazard Perception

New drivers need to learn that not all life on the road is predictable. Learn how to handle hazards on the road and unexpected events.

What would you do if you encountered water running across the road?
How do you react when you see kangaroos?
When is it safe to cross the intersection when traffic lights are out?

Knowing how to handle unpredictable events will make you a safer driver and can even save your life.

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