Fleet Drivers

Whether your vehicles are branded or not, a fleet driver needs to conduct themselves safely and professionally to ensure the company is represented favourably regardless of if the vehicle is branded or not. Our Fleet Driver Assessments can reassure you that your vehicle and reputation are in good hands.

It is recommended to assess your drivers every 2 to 3 years.

One on One Assessments

Our one on one assessments allow managers to access detailed reports which outlines the strengths and weaknesses of employees who drive their fleet vehicles. The reports are measurable, objective and can reassure an organisation that their driver’s performance on the road is professional and safe.

Classroom Sessions

Our classroom sessions are ideal for small groups seeking to refresh their knowledge of risk and acceptable behaviour on NSW roads. These classroom sessions are excellent for long term drivers who may not be aware of the current road rules.

We also offer remedial sessions for drivers who have had an unacceptable number of incidents while driving a fleet vehicle.

Types of fleet vehicles

Our assessments and classroom sessions cover the following vehicles:

  • All standard vehicles that require a Class C license
  • Small buses
  • Limousine driver assessment

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